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What We Do

Everyone has a passion. Since its formation, Cyber Intellect Group has grown into a successful and leading recruitment practice focused within the cyber and data security industry. We work with all types of businesses and information security candidates offering personal, dedicated and professional recruitment and resource consultancy services.

Put simply, for organizations, we supply the very best recruitment services and high-caliber candidates, who will meet and often exceed, your expectations. For candidates, we will listen carefully to understand your career needs and aspirations and then support you in every way we can to help you to achieve them.


Retained Search

Many clients want their positions prioritized above others. By paying a percentage upfront Cyber Intellect Group can have a dedicated research team to the opening and provide a short list of candidates within an agreed upon time-frame.


When clients require a more dedicated search, they will offer their roles exclusively to Cyber Intellect Group. By giving our team exclusivity it shows commitment from our client which allows us to allocate more resources.

Consultants & Contract Resources

Depending on the work that needs to be completed, the best form of talent could be partnering with our team to hire a contractor or consultant to work on a specific project. After the project is complete our clients has the option of hiring them full-time.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) - Projected Based

For clients who want a recruitment solution to come in and focus only on full-time hiring for their Cyber Security need we offer Projected Based RPO solutions. This "point in time" solution can be deployed to run along side your internal recruitment team. The RPO sunsets after a specific hiring goal has been achieved or after a specific time-frame. Additionally clients can benefits from our advisory services to improved the recruitment process and candidate experience and introduce new HR technologies to drive efficiencies within the recruitment life cycle.

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