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Since our inception, Cyber Intellect Group (CIG)
has been exclusively focused on building a strategic human capital solutions practice.

Corporations continue to be the target of more sophisticated cyber attacks. Mounting data and security breaches along with consumer privacy concerns will continue to drive investment in cyber security. Companies must continue to stay ahead. If they do not, they run the risk of damaging their brand and being subject to millions in fines and penalties.


Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries which continues to fuel the demand for cyber security, governance, risk and compliance talent. Talent remains in short supply and is ranked consistently as one of the hardest skill sets companies recruiter for.

We established Cyber Intellect Group to address the inability to recruit cyber security professionals, whether due to a lack of resources internally, a lack of industry knowledge, or simply because it is a difficult market. Having previously built and hired a IT Risk and Security department for a Fortune 50 company we understand finding security talent is not easy.  However, with our research and network our goal is to deliver timely, qualified candidates specific to your company, and to be extremely communicative throughout the recruitment process.

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